When looking through a curtain or screen there is a desire to see more, to see through to the other side.  Focusing on something behind a drape engages a different thought process. The act of bringing something into view agitates the mind as it tries to grasp the content of what is being revealed.
  I'm interested in making paintings that agitate the viewing mind in the same way, where; in addition to being looked at the paint becomes something the viewer tries to look through.
  My painting process functions in the same way. As I coat the canvas with layers of paint then lift them off there’s a feeling that I’m covering an object with a fluid material and then uncovering it. Like the person trying to see something through a curtain I continue to paint until I find clarity through the painting. I also use a household pattern like the pattern of a paper towel, as a structural device to suggest the layer between viewer and object.  The pattern is just familiar enough not to get looked at directly and the pictorial illusion it creates causes another kind of blurring or obscuring, by problematizing the boundary between photographic illusion and abstraction.
  I want my paintings to exist at the point where the viewer has just enough clarity to want to see a little bit more.


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