267 Vanderbilt Ave 
Brooklyn, NY

M.F.A. Vermont College of Fine Arts, 2010
B.F.A. Kansas City Art Institute, 1981

490 Atlantic Gallery 2023
Jason McCoy Gallery, Shadow Liners, 2021 (on-line)
490 Atlantic Gallery, Forth to Back, Recent paintings by Marcy Rosenblat and Laura Newman, Brooklyn NY 2018 
Blend Studio, Nashville Tenn. 2017
Rawls Museum, Common Object, Courtland, VA 2012
Smith College, Oresman Gallery, Northampton, MA 2009
Prince Street Gallery, NY, NY 1983

Equity Gallery, Process & Delight, The New P&D NY, NY 2023 
VCFA College Hall Gallery, Gender Riot, curated by Sheila Pepe, VT 2019
Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, Quirk, NY, NY 2019
The Painting Center, Green The Impossible Color, NY, NY 2019
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, Among Friends, NY,NY 2019 Officina,15,Ondate/Waves, Bologna, Italy 2019 ArtHelix/Shim, Aqua Art Miami FL 2019  Novado Gallery, Marcy Rosenblat, Jim Osman & Gabe Brown Jersey City, New Jersey 2017 
Gallery North, The art of Eating, Setauket, NY 2017
Rawls Museum, Courtland, VA 2017
BCB Art, Winter Show, Hudson, NY 2017
106 Van Buren, Talking Pictures, Brooklyn, NY 2017
Sideshow Gallery, Sideshow Nation, Brooklyn, NY 2017
The Rosemont, Prelude, Brooklyn, NY 2016
Centtotto, Nomenclature, Brooklyn, NY 2016
Art Helix, Invitational, Brooklyn NY 2016
BRIC, Up for Debate, Brooklyn, NY 2016
BCB Art, Winter Group, Hudson, NY 2016
Hewn Gallery, Girl Power, JC, New Jersey, 2015 
BCB Art, Summer Group, Hudson, NY 2015 
La Giacanda, Brooklyn, NY 2015
Drawing Rooms, The Big Small Show JC, New Jersey, 2015
Centotto Gallery, Thrice Legendary -Forever Thens, Brooklyn NY 2015
Mishkin Gallery, Baruch College NY, NY NY 2015 
Art Helix Gallery, Type Indicators, Brooklyn, NY 2015
BCB Art, Winter-group, Hudson, NY 2015
Sideshow Gallery, Sideshow Nation Three, Circle The Wagons, Brooklyn, NY 2015 Centotto Gallery, Back IN Situ, Brooklyn, NY 2014
The Painting Center Benefit, NY, NY 2014
Ethan Pettit Gallery, Full House East, Brooklyn, NY 2014
Full House, A visual dialogue between painters from MSP & NYC, Saint Paul, Mn 2014 Fashion Institute of Technology, New Views, NY,NY 2014
Sideshow Gallery, Sideshow Nation II at the Alamo, Brooklyn, NY 2014
490 Atlantic Gallery, Nothing Like Painting Brooklyn, 2013
Sideshow Gallery, Sideshow Nation, Brooklyn, NY 2013
Fordham University Rockslide Sky, Curated by Carlene Sheehan, NY,NY 2012
State University Plaza Gallery Faculty Art Exhibition, Albany, NY 2012
Galerie Berlin am Meer, Berlin ,Germany 2010
Salisbury University, Relevance, Salisbury, MD 2010
The Painting Center, Modern Romantic: Spiritual Expressions In Paint, NY,NY 2009
Selena Gallery, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY 2008
Brik Gallery, What’s In A Face, Catskill, NY 2008
Corscaden Barn, Keene Valley, NY 2007
Fashion Institute of Technology, Imagined Sites, curated by Lyle Rexer, NY,NY 2007
Durst Organization, New Graphics, NY,NY 2006
Vision Festival, 10th Anniversary Synagogue for the Arts NY,NY 2006
Schweinfurt Memorial Art Center, Auburn, NY 2004
State University Plaza Gallery, Albany, NY 2004
Sideshow, Brooklyn, NY 2004
Kouros Gallery, Water Currents, NY,NY 2003
Metaphor Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY 2002
Tai Gallery, NY,NY 2002
Knitting Factory, Above and Below, NY,NY 2001
Gale Gates Gallery, Size Matters, Brooklyn, NY, 1999
Richard Anderson Gallery, Passions of Art, NY,NY 1999
Vision Festival, Turf, NY, NY. 1999
PSA Showcase VIII, A Sense of Place, NY,NY 1997
The Painting Center, Primal Substance, NY,NY 1997
92nd ST Y Gallery, Works on Paper, NY,NY 1996
The Painting Center, NY, Projects Room, Rosenblat/Brodsky 1994
The Police Building, Signs of Life, NY,NY 1994
Tribeca148 Gallery, Beneath the Surface, NY,NY 1992
Contemporary Art at One Penn Plaza, Nature and Art: Paintings by 44 Women, Curated by Ronnie Cohen, NY,NY 1988
Contemporary Art at One Penn Plaza Short Stories, Curated by Judd Tully, NY,NY 1986 Ciancaglini Gallery, Summer Idyll: Bathers and Seascapes, NY,NY 1985
City without Walls, Metro Show, Curated by Barry Blinderman,Jersey City,NJ 1985 
Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City,MO 1985
Artists Choice Museum, NY,NY 1984
Morehead Gallery, Greensboro,NC 1984
Frumkin Gallery, Bodies and Souls,NY,NY.1983
Morehead Gallery, Greensboro NC 1982
Kemper Gallery, Kansas City,Mo 1981

Marcy Rosenblat’s Exquisite Balance by Adam Simon 2023
ART SPIEL Norte Maar’s CounterPointe10 – Marcy Rosenblat and Amanda Treiber 2023 Reflections on the work of contemporary artists
Luminosity and Risk By Stephen Westfall, 
Inventing Difficulty by Jessica Greenbaum; Cover painting Gravity / The Way Things Are,2000
Turf, Essay By Lillie Wei,2001
A Sense of Place, Catalog Essay by Peter Pinchbeck, 1997
A Dozen Scratches On a Title, Catalog Essay By Raphael Rubinstein, 1992
Art World Magazine, April, 1988
Watercolor by Day, Michael Crespo, Guptill, NY, NY. 1987
Arts Magazine, Robert Godfrey,March,1984

Individual Artists Grant/Women’s Art Development Committee 1998

Adjunct Professor, Fine Arts, Fashion Institute of Tech., NY, NY. 1995 – Present Parsons School of Design 1986 - 1989 Painting Instructor 92nd Street Y, NY, NY. 1980 -1998

Margret; Art Director, Dan Leigh 2006
Fast Track; Art Director, John Paino 2005
Preaching To the Choir; Art Director, John Paino
2005 Smith Restaurant; In Collaboration with Zeff Design, 2007